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Electromechanical Actuators
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Electrical connection options

The ZSA actuators are available with different electrical assemblies. Therefore you can configure the appropriate ZSA actuator for your application.

Connection 1

for ZSA-21 | ZSA-32 | ZSA-62

Connection 4

for ZSA-62

Connection 2

for ZSA-21 | ZSA-32 | ZSA-62

Connection 5

for ZSA-21

Connection 3

for ZSA-62


SES1 Safety shutdown retracted
SES2 Safety shutdown extended
D1 | D2 Diodes
M Drive motor
BU Brake unit
IC Rotary encoder
ES1 End switch retracted
RS1 Reference switch
ES2 End switch extended
CU Control unit
PU Power unit
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